Immediate Things You Should Do Right After Figuring in an Accident

by andrewwington on April 3, 2013

Road mishaps happen on a daily basis in streets and highways of different sizes and structures around the world. It’s an unpredictable occurrence which you can’t really prepare for regardless of how good of a driver you are. The initial shock of the accident can sometimes lead to impulsive decisions brought about by nervousness and anxiety. In order to avoid actions you might regret, take note of the following things you should do right after you figure in a road accident.

Check for any wounds and injuries

Your health and safety should be your immediate priority after surviving the impact. Do not make quick sudden movements as it may cause dizziness and you might collapse. Check your arms and look at your face through the mirror to see if you have any open wounds or scratches. If your movement is incapacitated by injury, apply first-aid methods, call a hospital and request for an ambulance.

Call authorities

Get the attention of any police officials nearby. Otherwise, just call the local police station and give a summary of what happened. Ask them if it’s necessary to move the car to the side of the road as well. Give them a clear description of your location in case you can’t provide an exact address.

Take photos

Smartphones have made it possible to always have a camera on hand for emergencies such as road accidents. Make sure you get a shot of several angles comprising all the vehicles involved. It’s better if you can have pictures of the number plates as well.

Collect information

It would be ideal to first exchange contact information with all the drivers involved in the incident. This ensures that you have evidence to support the investigation when tensions flare up and someone flees from the scene. Also, try to talk to some witnesses and see if they are willing to provide you with a way to communicate in case you need support.

Move the vehicle to a safer area

If the police have finished documenting the incident, you can then place the car in a safer part of the road. Ask the officers to assist you when doing so in order to keep passing vehicles from blocking your path.

Organize documents

The key to getting compensation through a favorable court decision lies in your ability to support the case with enough documented evidence. The personal injury lawyer you hire also plays a big role, and you should be assured of their competence and expertise. Take note of all expenses you incur connected to the accident. This includes medicine, treatments and consultation fees you paid for from your own pocket.

Contact your insurance provider

Claims for insurance are settled quicker when information is procured immediately. If you manage to call the insurance office on the same day, then the case is opened instantly, and you can rely on the settlement process to move at once. This might be a good time to review your policy as well, and you can ask for assistance from a law firm that specializes in such cases.

Car accidents can cause much stress and worry if not handled with patience and organization. Keep in mind the abovementioned steps you need to take when you get involved in one, and you can expect a much easier time settling a claim or getting compensation.

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