If I Get Hurt On My Own Property Do I Still Have A Case?

by michaelsanduso on June 14, 2013

All of the residents of Toronto know that when you buy a home or a car you must purchase insurance; however, many people who rent do not believe they need renters insurance. Many renters believe the value of their personal property is so low that it doesn’t warrant the expense of insurance. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Property insurance is one of the most valuable things a renter can own. If you have concerns about renters insurance you can talk to your insurance agent and ask them what renters insurance will do for you. An even better idea is to talk with one of the experienced car accident lawyers Toronto law firms have on staff. These fine Toronto lawyers can tell you their personal and professional experiences with property insurance with those who have purchased it and those who have chosen not to purchase it.

The people that believe the landlord’s homeowner’s policy will cover them in any way are mistaken. A landlord’s homeowner’s policy will not help a renter at all. It will not cover any of your personal belongings, but more importantly it won’t cover your personal liability. If you or one of your precious children leaves a rake on the sidewalk and someone walks by and trips over it you will be personally liable. One of the Toronto slips and fall injury lawyers will need to be retained to protect your interest. If you have purchased renters insurance your insurance will cover the liability. If you don’t have renters insurance you will be paying all of this out of your own pocket.

The same holds true if you are negligent about shoveling the snow off your sidewalk. If you get up one snowy morning and rush off to work before you shovel your walk you could be in for a law suit. As the occupant of the house you are responsible for the snow removal. If you fail to do so and someone slips and falls you are liable. If you are adding this up in your head you are beginning to understand how important renters insurance really is for you. Imagine if that person who slips on the ice injures their spine and suffers a catastrophic injury. This type of injury can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical and rehabilitation bills.

Now you understand the replacement of your personal property is just the bonus. The most important part of renters insurance is the liability protection. Contact the lawyers at Himelfarb Proszanski personal injury lawyers to see if they can help you determine if you have a case.

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