How to find a good personal injury solicitor

by injuryclaimspecialists on February 8, 2013

A personal injury solicitor is arguably the most important asset to any personal injury claim. However, there are so many out there, how on earth do you choose the right person to manage your claim? Well this article contains a lot of information that should help you to find a good personal injury solicitor.

How to identify the best solicitor for you

Personal injury solicitors vary greatly in terms of expertise and experience, which means that not every solicitor will have the necessary skills to manage your claim effectively. Some areas of injury law, such as medical negligence, require specialist representation due to the complexity of the claim and the laws surrounding it. As a result, if you are considering making a claim for medical negligence, you will need to talk to a specialist medical negligence injury solicitor. On another note, a large number of personal injury solicitors have little to no trial experience due to the fact that many claims are settled before they ever get that far. However, your claim could well end up in court and it is recommended that you have a solicitor on your side that has experience in such situations. After all, you need to have confidence in your solicitor’s ability to get you the compensation you deserve.

Most solicitors offer free consultations, so take advantage of this and speak to a number of different solicitors and create a shortlist. You will then be able to evaluate which solicitor you feel is best to take your case forward. Here are few things you should consider when talking to solicitors:

  • How much do they charge?
  • Can you talk to them easily?
  • Are you confident in their ability?
  • How much experience do they have?

Once you have decided upon a solicitor, you can then begin the claims process and hopefully receive compensation for any injuries that you have sustained.

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