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The Personal Injury Industry and Jackson Reforms face half-year health check

November 18, 2013

SIX months on from the introduction of the Jackson Reforms, lawyers are still getting to grips with the sweeping changes to civil litigation costs and much uncertainty remains. A review into some problematic areas of the reforms is already underway through a team led by Justice Ramsey, with results expected to emerge in April 2014. […]

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The 5 Key Members of a Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Team

September 4, 2013

The settlement funding from successful personal injury litigation should cover the cost of the rehabilitation process, but what types of therapy are required after a spinal cord injury? Read on to find out. The road to recovery after a spinal cord injury (SCI) is a long and arduous one. When a person’s abilities to move […]

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4 Things Every Chicago Driver Should Know When They Get Into A Car Accident

July 19, 2013

When chaos happens on the road, the most important tool you can have at your disposal is a car accident lawyer in Chicago every year over 6 million accidents happen in the United States alone. The cost of these accidents can range from anywhere between an extraordinary 8 to 12 billion dollars! Of the 6 […]

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UK: Whiplash Capital of the World?

July 13, 2013

Recent reports have branded the UK with the unsavory title of ‘Whiplash Capital of the World’. We’ve even heard the term thrown about at Number 10. But the question remains as to whether or not the statement is in fact founded and whether context should play a part? We read the likes of Emma Wall, in […]

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Legal Aid Cuts – What You Need to Know

July 5, 2013

New legal aid reforms proposed by the government in early June have been met with outrage by barristers, defendants and human rights organisations. The plans are one of a number of reforms, such as the recent Jackson Reforms introduced in April 2013, which have been proposed to cut the cost of legal services in the […]

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Injured Drivers Left with No Chance in Legal Bout against Insurers

June 18, 2013

What would happen to an 80 year old pedestrian if they were knocked down in 2013? A bid to change the Small Claims Court limit has been described as ‘draconian’ by one of Britain’s leading solicitors, who gives a harrowing example of what could have happened to an 80 year old client if the change […]

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NHS sets aside £17.5 billion for medical negligence claims

May 2, 2013

After a sharp increase in the number of medical errors, the NHS has set aside £17.5 billion to cover the costs of paying compensation to thousands of people that are set to make clinical negligence claims. A report compiled by MP’s revealed that there has been a surge of 11 per cent in just one […]

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Are you more at risk of illness or injury in your working environment?

April 16, 2013

Any industry carries inherent risks to your health and well-being, however these have been significantly reduced owed to the respective health & safety department of each nation. In the United Kingdom the governing body for controlling these regulations is knows and the Health & Safety Executive or the HSE, these governing bodies track each reported […]

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Campaign Aims To Save Personal Injury Jobs

April 6, 2013

A campaign, called Save The Legal Industry, was launched last week in a bid to highlight the real implications of sweeping reforms made to the personal injury industry. Campaigners believe that the Job Loss Counter will show more than 100,000 job losses over the coming year ahead of the reforms, which include plans to increase […]

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Best Ways to Decrease Ice Build-Up on Your Sidewalks and Driveways

January 26, 2013

Ice build-up is a real problem during the wintertime. When ice builds up on your sidewalks and your driveways, it can become hazardous and can increase the chance of slips and falls. While it can be a hassle to deal with the ice build-up on sidewalks and driveways, decreasing this build-up is paramount for your […]

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