Food Poisoning Injuries

by kiernanh on October 18, 2012

Food Poisoning Injuries

Food poisoning injuries are a growing epidemic in the United States. Many food producers have become less vigilant about food safety, and some restaurants and people who prepare food are also notorious for failing to adhere to food safety laws and regulations. Food poisoning injuries can be extremely dangerous to pregnant women, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, people with diabetes and children. The Center for Disease Control tracks millions of cases of food poisoning each year, and statistics show that thousands of people are hospitalized every year because of food poisoning injuries.

Restaurant Food Poisoning Injuries

Many restaurant food poisoning injuries are minor, but with the high volume of food poisoning injuries, this still translates to thousands of people hospitalized every year due to food poisoning. Restaurant food poisoning injuries are absolutely unacceptable. Regulations on the food service industry are designed to protect consumers by dictating the temperature at which food must be stored, how food must be safely prepared, and cleanliness measures to prevent cross-contamination.

However, some restaurants show a clear disregard for these regulations, failing to take the necessary steps and causing diners to become ill. In some places, the fault lies with individual restaurant employees who are poorly trained or simply negligent. In any of these cases, negligence-related restaurant food poisoning injuries entitle you to a recovery.

Contaminated Food Presents Serious Risks

A more frightening and widespread risk is contaminated food. In the past several years, the FDA has announced several food recalls as a result of food contamination. Because of nationwide distribution techniques, contaminated food can easily travel around the country before cases of food poisoning injuries are reported and traced to a common source.

Even if you’re hundreds or thousands of miles from the source, you could still end up buying contaminated food in your local grocery store. Contaminated food cases are often the result of failure to adhere to FDA regulations. Negligence-related food contamination is unacceptable, and if you’ve suffered food poisoning injuries as a result of them, you may be entitled to a financial recovery.  To seek this recovery contact an experienced attorney that specializes in injury cases in LA for a free legal consultation.

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