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by ukclaimlawyers on August 2, 2013

Which are the best personal injury lawyers to choose?

You’ve searched on “accident claim” or a similar term, and you’ve had an avalanche of pages and sites returned. Where to start? How do you pick the right personal injury lawyers for a full service?

Top tips for finding the best personal injury lawyers

When you’re searching online, first gather information. Does your injury qualify for a claim?

  • Were you injured within the last three years?
  • Was it someone else’s fault?
  • Did you receive medical attention because of it?
  • What category does your injury fall into?

The best personal injury lawyers will ask you these questions.  Here are some major categories that they cover:

  • Clinical negligence
  • Injury from faulty products
  • Plastic surgery procedures gone wrong
  • Trips, slips and falls, on a wet floor, over a tipping pavement slap or a crooked kerb.
  • An accident from machinery or equipment at work
  • Falling from a height or being hit by moving plant
  • A debilitating condition resulting from long-standing conditions at work
  • Road traffic accidents for drivers, passengers or pedestrians
  • Accidents overseas or holiday mishaps, such as picking up food-poisoning in a hotel

These are just examples. The fact is anybody can be injured in almost any circumstance. The trigger for an accident claim is that it was somebody else’s fault, and under UK law the victim is entitled to seek compensation.

Check out the sites

You can establish these early facts for yourself on many personal injury compensation claim sites. Once you start your claim, however, things may change slightly. Although the majority of cases are dealt with by phone and settled, many cases are more complex. Personal injury lawyers will advise you on the complexities, should they arise. So for example, if the defendant refuses to settle, or if the offer is too low and there’s a possibility your case has to go to court, then you need one-on-one guidance to pursue it.

Terms of Business

Many sites offer a free initial consultation by phone, and the contact details will be easily found, if you don’t want to do it all through the website forms. You are under no obligation to start a claim, indeed, the decision is yours, but when you do, always ask the terms of business. Most personal injury lawyers in the UK offer a no win no fee service, and many of them are members of the Law Society.

Claim compensation with no win no fee solicitors at UK Claim Lawyers. If you’ve had a personal injury, an accident on the road, at work or in an industrial environment, you could claim compensation.

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