Finding Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Santa Ana

by bisnarchase on September 4, 2012

Imagine something like this happens to you: You’re driving your motorcycle along Rte. 5, the Santa Ana Parkway, without a care in the world. The wind is whistling through your helmet, the sky is a gorgeous blue, you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere — and suddenly a car cuts into your lane, knocking your bike with its rear bumper. You and your motorcycle go flying and, if you’re lucky enough not to get hit by another car as you careen out of control, you land on the shoulder of the road tangled in the twisted remains of your own bike, racked with pain from multiple injuries or even from trauma to your head that your helmet was unable to protect you from. Good Samaritans stop to help you, calling an ambulance. Maybe the driver of the car that hit you takes mercy and pulls over to offer you help. (Or maybe they flee the scene, turning what was already a devastating accident into a hit-and-run.)

Or maybe this or something like it has already happened to you or to someone you love. If so, you know that the pain and horror of finding yourself lying twisted by the roadside is just the beginning. Now you need expensive medical treatment, a long period of recuperation, physical therapy. You’re probably unable to work at your job. In a worst case scenario, you may be paralyzed or have suffered brain damage, leaving you unable to work ever again. Your life may have been changed permanently.

It’s possible that nothing could ever fully compensate you for the results of such a motorcycle accident, but you’ll still need a great deal of money for the expense of recovery and the loss of income from your job. Don’t expect the insurance company representing the negligent driver to pay that money. They’ll offer you a settlement, but it will be much smaller than you need. (You didn’t think insurance companies made a profit from paying out fair settlements, did you?) Since your accident took place in Santa Ana, what you need is a motorcycle accident attorney who works in the Santa Ana area and knows the Orange County legal system, while even getting assistance from a process service company. What you need is a champion who can negotiate with insurance companies and lawyers with you and work to obtain for you a settlement that will come as close as possible to compensating for your losses and injuries.

Don’t delay. You can find Santa Ana motorcycle accident attorneys in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Set up a free consultation with one and see how you get along. When you find the right attorney, you’ll be on your way to getting to getting a just and fair settlement for the motorcycle accident that not only ruined your perfect day on the freeway but may well have ruined your life.

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