Families Suing Over da Vinci Surgical Robot

by lchiu89 on April 19, 2012

Intuitive Surgical is facing at least two lawsuits over the da Vinci, a robotic surgical system used for laparoscopy. Earlier this month, a father sued the company alleging that the system caused burns in the artery and intestines in his 24 year old daughter during her hysterectomy which resulted in her death two weeks later. According to the complaint, poorly-insulated robot arms combined with the electric current contributed to the fatal injuries. The suit also emphasizes a lack of proper training for surgeons who use the device.

The most recent suit, filed by Gwendolyn Jones and Amos Jones Jr., also claims injuries caused by a botched hysterectomy. The Alabama couple asserts that the da Vinci caused damage to Mrs. Jones’ left ureter and bladder, and is seeking $490 million in damages. The couple is suing on the counts of pain and suffering, negligence, fraud, breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, and loss of consortium.

Based on these events, it appears that the da Vinci may be associated with complications such as burns or tears to blood vessels, intestines and uterus.

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