Effects of Brain Injuries

by Guest injury law blogger on August 14, 2012

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A head injury will almost always affect the brain. Through a nerve system, the brain controls physical actions, thoughts and emotions. A head injury can stop such actions, which is why its effect can be so devastating.

Each and every year, 1,000,000 people visit UK hospitals with a brain injury. In 85 of these cases, however, it is a mild injury and in most cases, they will make a good recovery within six months if the appropriate medical treatment has been applied. If the sufferer should experience unconsciousness for more than six hours, he is classed as having a severe injury. A severe injury is likely to lead to complex issues and long term rehabilitation is required. Even milder injuries can result in long-term impairments, however.

Unfortunately, an estimated up to 75 per cent of brain injuries fail to be reported and are therefore not assessed by medical practitioners. The reason for this is often the fact that there is no unconsciousness when the injury occurs and the symptoms are not apparent until days, weeks or months have passed. Often, a brain injury is wrongly diagnosed as depression. Although depression can occur as a result of a brain injury, it can hide more serious fundamental problems.

Someone with a brain injury may feel various symptoms that have been overlooked. Typically, the sufferer wouldn’t have an insight into any potential problems as they won’t be functioning normally.

The worst kinds of head injury can result in extensive functional difficulties including paralysis and limited mental functioning. At the other end of the scale, moderate head injuries occur in a range of varying functional limitations, mainly reduced mental skills.

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