Easy Steps in Filing for Bankruptcy at Anaheim

by Personal Injury Claims Blawg on September 2, 2019

This post regarding bankruptcy law in CA is a slight departure from our usual personal injury ones, but it’s worth noting that if you have a personal injury claim, it may be protected even when going through bankruptcy proceedings through exemption (for which it’s worth checking out this post here)

If you think you know a lot about the whole idea and privileges that a person can have when it comes to dealing with financial problems, especially debts, then you may now move on to the next step – filing for bankruptcy (at Anaheim).

Understanding bankruptcy procedures can be complicated, and seem like a daunting task at first. Fortunately, experts in bankruptcy law are more than willing to help and provide this service to anyone in need of it. To get started and keep this summary short, we can find that according to the book of Christopher McAvoy, published in 2010, with a title, The Bankruptcy Book: The Truth About Ending Your Bill Problems And Getting Back The Good Credit You Deserve, he pointed out the following.

That filing for bankruptcy is defined as:

“– Any type of bankruptcy whatsoever- immediately triggers an injunction contrary to the continuation of any activity done by any creditor against you or your assets; this is called the “automatic stay”, and it is a critical element of your bankruptcy case. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that injunction extends to anyone else who is obligated to repay your debts.”

Additionally, he pointed out that if one may have an incumbent/present situation falling under the following listings:

  • Criminal proceedings;
  • Actions for an order of family support or the alteration of such order;
  • Arbitration proceedings;
  • Steps to amass support from assets that is not the assets of the survivor; and
  • Tax audits, demands by a taxing authority for you to file tax returns

“If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy and have any of these types of problems, it’s best to talk with your lawyer before the case is filed about how to deal with the issues that will continue. There may be options to help you work with those individual creditors during your bankruptcy case, but you’ll never know unless you’re working with a fully informed lawyer.”

            With all of these facts or information he presented, one could be familiar or easily know about the process of filing for bankruptcy.

 They are the following:

  1. Collecting one’s documents. Meaning, you may want to secure the whereabouts and original copies of your financial transactions, as it will form a public record you may need and be presented in the Court (when required).
  2. Taking Credit Counselling. Well, aside from overcoming one’s debt problems or preventing one, you can also take advantage of your lawyer’s expertise in credit transactions and get credit counseling from him/her. If there may be other credit experts you can refer from, you may ask for their assistance, to let your lawyer deal actively with your dilemma.
  3. Complete the Bankruptcy Forms. It includes 23 separate forms you need to comply with roughly 70 pages. This is important for records-keeping of your documents or your filing for bankruptcy.
  4. Get your filing fee. In every transaction, make sure that you are capable of paying-off the services and filing fees, if unable to do so, it can be negotiated through other means. And the last one, for this article, before we end,
  5. Print your bankruptcy forms and bring them to court. These documents must be handed to the court, following the prescribed requirement of printing and compiling them, which can be done by doing a Brief Printing .

If you think you need more details regarding filing for bankruptcy, you may want to check out our best Anaheim Bankruptcy Attorneys around. You can also check out this website that has the full details on Filing for Bankruptcy at Anaheim.

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