Disneyland’s Legal Battlefield

by JRO on December 15, 2012

Disneyland is under siege, and the weapon of choice is litigation! According to several sources, the famed family theme park, located in Anaheim, California, has been served with approximately 140 personal injury lawsuits over the past five years. Ostensibly a problem of balance-challenged Mickey Mouse fans, the majority of the cases stem from slips, trips and flying objects.

Protecting The Mouse’s Rep: Why You Will Probably Never Hear Much About Disneyland’s Lawsuits On The Evening News

Do not, however, expect to hear about Disneyland’s legal battles on the evening news. After all, the multi-billion-dollar conglomerate has a squeaky clean reputation to protect, DVDs to push and leisure opportunities to sell, sell, sell! As such, most of the personal injury claims against Disney are either dismissed or quietly settled out of court.

The Disneyland Personal Injury Lawsuits: Fairytale or Fair Game?

Let’s face it, fellow humans, our collective cultural penchant for “sticking it to the fat cats” often results in frivolous litigation — motivated by dreams of hitting the lawsuit lottery — which only succeeds in clogging up courts. But a cursory examination of recent cases reveals that a fair percentage of the claims were strong. For example, one lawsuit involved a woman who, at a theme park hotel, experienced an unfortunate and damaging fall after encountering a few rogue eggs on the floor of Goofy’s Kitchen. Another Disneyland case was brought forward by a gentleman that was injured after a falling sheet of metal made contact with his body. In still another claim against the iconic-rodent-corp, an untethered food-court umbrella smacked a female visitor’s head, triggering seizures; as a result, the woman was awarded $500,000. To put things in context, though, while 140 lawsuits may seem like an eye-popping amount at first, when you consider that nearly 20 million people visit the theme park annually, 140 is actually a remarkably low number.

The Moral Of Disneyland’s Personal Injury Lawsuit Tale

So what should we take away from this litigious tale? First and foremost, be careful out there! Secondly, if you have a soft-spot for lawyers and want to give the Disney legal team a break, be sure to “mind the gaps” and avoid flying objects the next time you find yourself at the “happiest place on earth.”


This article was composed by Ty Whitworth, a person who has wide knowledge of personal injury law and lawsuits; he knows of drink driving solicitors to help with such things.




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