Dealing With Traumatic Brain Injuries

by NishaS on June 6, 2013

Traumatic brain injuries affects up to 1.7 million Americans each year. Medical experts also estimate that a half million residents of the UK deal with disability from traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can vary in severity and cause a range of symptoms, including memory problems, speech impairment, mood changes and frequent headaches. Severe TBI can cause other physical problems. Though traditional medicine offers a number of treatments for this condition, natural methods can also provide relief from symptoms.

About Traumatic Brain Injuries

A number of circumstances can cause traumatic brain injury. Soldiers in combat often suffer TBI when explosions go off nearby. Car accidents, assaults, falls and other actions can cause the brain to bounce against the inside wall of the skull, causing injury. Such an injury can cause bleeding and pressure that can be life threatening. This type of injury requires immediate medical treatment. Milder traumatic brain injury can still cause long-term problems.

Supplements For Brain Health

Supplements that are known to aid in brain function and brain tissue health can help to reduce symptoms and aid in healing. Vitamin B complex, vitamin E, fish oil and flax seeds are all know to have this effect on brain health. The U.S. National Institutes of Health also recommend vitamin D to aid cognitive function in adults. Adding these supplements to the diet can help to reduce symptoms and facilitate their return to normal activities.

Reiki Energy Treatment
Reiki is a form of treatment that uses the energy of the body to heal itself. The Reiki practitioner directs the body’s energy through the energy pathways to where it is most needed. The energy nourishes and heals the cells and tissues of the body to promote healing. Reiki also reduces stress and encourages a positive mental attitude, which can be helpful for people dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

Homeopathic Medications
Homeopathy is method of using natural compounds to aid in healing. They can be used both preventatively for those who have sustained a head injury as well as for those already dealing with symptoms of TBI. Using such compounds as arnica, hypernicum, natrum sulphuricum and cicuta can help to reduce seizures, head pain and mood problems. These compounds are generally mixed for the individual patient’s needs.

An important factor in returning the brain to full function is removing toxins from the environment that can be detrimental to proper tissue function. The strategy requires that the person remove all harmful chemicals contained in cleaning products, personal products, garden products and foods. When these toxins are removed from the environment, the body can begin to heal itself more effectively.

Meditation is a process of removing cluttered thoughts from the mind and focusing on a single point. It can be used by people dealing with traumatic brain injuries to reduce stress, improve health and increase the ability to concentrate. Regular meditation is often recommended by physicians to relieve symptoms associated with TBI. Because music is a complex auditory experience, it can help to improve perception, cognition and motor control within the brain.

Music Therapy
Music has always had the ability to soothe human beings, but its benefits are now being recognized by the medical community. Listening to music, singing or playing simple instruments can help to regulate brain patterns and improve mood.

A simple but effective natural treatment for traumatic brain injury is exercise. A regular regime of exercise for 30 minutes each day can help increase blood flow to the brain and assist in healing damaged brain tissues. It can also improve mood regulation and sleeping problems.


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