Dealing with motorcycle accidents

by Guest injury law blogger on October 8, 2012

Guest personal injury blog post from Orbis Solicitors. Based in Lancashire they have extensive experience of motorcycle accident cases. Their motorcycle team is run by bikers, for bikers and they are big supporters of motorcycling events across the region. They can also offer advice in employment law, professional negligence and debt recovery cases.

Road accidents often have the most serious consequences when a motorcycle is involved. Riders and their pillions are more exposed than car drivers and they travel much faster than cyclists and pedestrians; all of which increases the risk of severe injury.

Department for Transport statistics show there were 5,609 motorcycle accidents which resulted in a serious injury or fatality in 2011. These could include brain damage, spinal injuries or amputation. There were more of these cases among the 20-29 age group than any other, but incidents of this nature affected all ages.

A further study also indicates that you were over 70 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on a motorbike than you were in a car in 2011, but as any specialist motorcycle accident solicitor will tell you, this is frequently not the fault of the rider and you or your family may well be due significant compensation if you are involved in an accident.

Disputed liability

As in most cases where there is fault (liability) to be decided; motorcycle accident claims tend to rest on disputed liability, namely who is to blame for the accident.

This could be another driver, but it can just as easily be a defect in the road that has caused the accident, such as a pothole. In these cases, whoever is in charge of maintaining that road may be liable for your injury.

What to expect from your personal injury solicitor

During the course of recovering your compensation, you can expect your solicitor to help you get access to the best medical attention and rehabilitation you need. In most instances, it is vital that you receive appropriate care straight away and a good personal injury solicitor will ensure this happens early on in your case rather than waiting until compensation has been agreed or the case is concluded. This means that wherever possible, you will get back to your pre-accident life and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Cases such as this can often become complicated affairs, particularly if a vehicle involved is uninsured or you are involved in a hit and run incident, but if you find a solicitor you can trust you should get all the practical support and specialist legal advice you will need.

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