Dangerous Dining: Restaurant Injuries On The Rise

by KariLloyd on August 27, 2013

People are quickly learning that some of the most healthy food can be made in the comfort of their own home, but there’s no denying that it’s enjoyable to head out on the town and have a nice dinner at a restaurant every now and again. These meals usually end well, although the service may sometimes be questionable, and a family can head back home with maybe just a bit too much sodium in their body. Unfortunately, every so often a patron may be unlucky enough to experience an accident due to the restaurant’s negligence. Common Types of Restaurant Injuries
Most people are surprised when they learn of the potential dangers they face when they go out to eat. Sadly, these accidents can sometimes lead to serious injuries, and in extremely unlucky circumstances, they can even lead to death. Researching your particular situation on the Internet on websites such as Williams Law Association, P.A. can be a good way to get started in understanding what steps you may need to take after one of these situations.

A) Choking: Most people would think that there would be no way that a restaurant could be liable for a choking patron, but this belief is entirely inaccurate. If food isn’t properly cooked, for instance, it can increase the chances of an individual choking. In addition, if certain items, such as strings or plastic, that are used in packaging aren’t removed prior to serving, a patron can choke on the item.

B) Slips and Falls: Slip and fall accidents account for a large percentage of injuries experienced in America each year. If something spills in the dining area or bathroom floor, for instance, and isn’t quickly cleaned, it can easily lead to a fall. Falls can also occur if restaurant owners have placed furniture or other items where they may constitute a tripping hazard.

C) Auto Accidents: Restaurants can even be held liable for car accidents experienced by individuals who have never been in the establishment. Restaurants have a duty to stop serving alcohol to people who are obviously drunk. If they don’t, and that individual ends up causing an accident, the restaurant can be held liable for the incident.

Dealing with Injuries at Restaurants
It’s important to deal with injuries sustained due to a restaurant’s negligence in a very specific way. If an injury was suffered in or around the restaurant, for example, it’s important to have someone immediately notify the manager. This will allow them to fill out an incident report. Once management has been notified, it’s also important to visit a doctor. Injuries can turn especially detrimental if they’re not properly treated.

It’s also essential to seek out the help of an attorney in these instances. Restaurants are all about making money, and having to reimburse a patron for their medical bills is not conducive to this outcome. This is why they’ll likely fight any claim for damages in court. Luckily, legal professionals are experienced in proving fault; and in fact, a restaurant’s insurance provider is much more likely to offer a fair initial settlement if they know that a person has legal representation.

It’s a sad fact that a nice night out will not always end the way an individual envisions it. Due to the negligence of some restaurant owners or their employees, innocent patrons may end up injured due to an accident that should’ve been could have been avoided. When faced with a possible negligent situation, it’s always a good idea to discuss your case with an attorney to clarify possible legal responsibilities for both yourself and the establishment.


Kari Lloyd is a freelance writer and blogger who contributes to a wide range of publications, particularly those involving legal and business matters. If you have been affected by an injury at a restaurant, visiting a specialist attorney group like Williams Law Association, P.A. can be a good starting point to ensure you understand the steps and procedures of the legal process.

Kari Lloyd has been a freelance writer both on and offline since 2003. A former Londoner, she now makes her home in Atlanta, GA USA.

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