A Cyclist’s Guide to Personal Injury Compensation

by Slater Heelis Solicitors on October 20, 2015

cycling-accident-claims-lawMore and more people are taking to the pedals to get around. It is important for all new cyclists to know their rights on the roads and fully understand what to do if they are ever unfortunately caught up in a collision, so that they can get back on the roads as soon as possible.

Our comprehensive guide looks at the main three stages of a road traffic accident and the necessary action you should take as a cyclist, so that you to know how to effectively handle the situation.

  1. At the scene of the accident

There are several actions to take immediately after a collision:

  • Move to a safe spot, out of the way of any traffic and other cyclists
  • Ask for help from passers-by and those who may have witnessed the accident
  • Phone the police or ambulance if you are injured or suspect you are being given false details by the driver

Seeking medical attention and removing yourself from further danger are of the greatest importance. Following on from this, you should ask the driver for their details.

Make sure to note down:

  • The driver’s name and address
  • The owner of the vehicle’s name and address
  • The make, model, colour and registration number of the car involved
  • Their insurance company and level of cover

When the police arrive, stay calm and remain co-operative. Remember this is your opportunity to give them your side of the story. Once you have finished, note down the officer’s name and the case reference number.

If possible, also take the names and contact details of any witnesses. Hand this information on to the police but keep a copy for yourself. Then, try to take photographs of the scene and your bike. If you have already asked someone for help they may be able to assist with this.

Finally, take your bike and any other damaged property with you. Do not attempt to fix any of your equipment; you will eventually need to use your broken bike to get a cost estimate of the damage for your claim, if you wish to make one.

  1. Seek medical attention

Once all the details of the accident have been taken, go to hospital or your GP surgery, depending on the severity of your injury and the medical help that you need.

Ask the attending doctor to take detailed notes of your injury. It is also important to photograph your injuries at their worst, straight after the accident or while you are being treated if possible.

Even if you do not feel that you need medical attention, visit a surgery for confirmation and so your details are logged. If you do chose to make a claim, this will be vital to helping you gain compensation.

  1. After the accident

If you do not call the police by the side of the road and you have been injured, it is legally required that you report the collision.

Keep a diary and write down everything that happened before, during and after the accident, while it is still fresh in your mind. Make sure to jot down:

  • What happened
  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic flow

If you believe the collision was not your fault, then you have three years in which to make a claim at court. If you do choose to progress with seeking compensation, it is recommended that you use a solicitor experienced in cycling accident claims.

Also, it is important not to communicate with insurance companies before speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Insurers will often try to offer compensation early on in the claims process, where the amount offered is typically low and does not take into consideration the ordeal and expenses accrued. A cycling personal injury specialist will investigate the accident and ensure that you are properly compensated.

Experiencing a cycling accident can be extremely traumatic and have a detrimental effect on your quality of life. Following these steps above will help you on your way to claiming the compensation that you deserve and stop you from incurring any extra costs at the fault of a careless driver.

Based in the North West, solicitors Slater Heelis are experts in handling cycling accident cases. The team have helped many cyclists claim the compensation that they deserve, giving them the opportunity to get back on their bikes and cycling on the roads once more.

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