Common Misconceptions after an Accident

by Ericaronchetti on January 6, 2013

Nobody expects or anticipates being in an accident, and it can be very disillusioning. Knowing what to do following a car collision or work-related injury is very important, as many people hold on to common misconceptions that can cost them a lot. This is especially true with the recurrence of whiplash following an accident.

Whiplash is one of the most regularly experienced injuries following a car accident. However, if you do not understand what exactly it is, it can be difficult to get proper treatment and know what to tell your insurance company. Many accident claims and court cases are skewed by the subject of whiplash – was she injured at the accident? Did he fabricate it later on to receive money? These are some of the questions commonly asked. First know that whiplash is common and even if it’s been dramatized at times, it is still an important medical issue. This injury takes place when the neck tissues become overstretched.

You may experience neck pain or stiffness, headaches, blurred vision, back or arm pain and sleeplessness if you’ve experienced whiplash. So what are some misconceptions about something that seems so straight forward? Some believe that whiplash can only affect the neck. While this is common, you can also incur injuries in your back and spine. Others believe whiplash is so minor, there’s no need to seek medical attention. If you feel even the slightest amount of pain or discomfort following a collision, it’s important to go to the hospital and be checked out. This will keep things less complicated legally if you feel pain a few days later, and will also ensure your safety. Still more people believe whiplash can only happen in a car.

You can actually also experience it from playing contact sports, being the victim of an assault of even falling down stairs. Accident care is of the essence after a car accident (or any other physical trauma), so don’t delay in receiving it. It is often covered by insurance and can help you both legally and personally. If you’re unsure or nervous about what to do following an accident, contact an attorney. Many offer free consultations and treat both you and the other party involved fairly. In fact, an attorney’s advice can be truly invaluable when it comes to accident injury. They are free of the misconceptions described above as well as other false assumptions you could have. A quality accident attorney will help you clear up these confusions and get you the help and reward you deserve. Don’t delay in contacting a professional – or even asking the police officer at the scene – for advice and assistance. The hospital team you interact with may also be able to provide you with great advice.

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