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E-Prescriptions: Reducing Medication Errors

May 25, 2013

The digital age has made e-mail and texting the preferred method of written communication. However, one area where handwriting has persisted until recently has been for medical prescriptions. This is very unfortunate, since inappropriate directions and sloppy writing has led to what are known in the medical industry as preventable adverse drug events. While some […]

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Pulmonary Embolism Caused by Yaz Birth Control

April 28, 2013

A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot in the lungs and can lead to a coma, heart attack, and even death. It is a serious condition and there has been a great deal of focus on the birth control pill Yaz as causing this harmful side effect. There are many Yaz lawsuits being filed across […]

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5 Texas Pharmacies with Medical Malpractice Claims Filed Against Them

April 28, 2013

When you need to have a prescription filled, you might not consider whether the pharmacy you choose is the right one. After all, it’s easy to assume that all pharmacies are essentially the same and that it’s a simple procedure to fill a prescription. Yet there are many things that can go wrong between the […]

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Medical Matters in Apportioned Settlements

March 15, 2013

By Alice Adams  Guest post by  Alice Adams, first published here and republished with permission. Imagine this scenario: An attorney has a pending 15 million dollar settlement offer for his clients1. They are four college athletes whose bus was struck by an 18-wheeler, and two are deceased. The offer stipulates that the funds be apportioned […]

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When Medicines Kill You (Instead of Helping You)

March 7, 2013

All of us take different kinds of medicines for different purposes. Some take food supplements and multivitamins, while some take maintenance medicines for their high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems and others. We trust our doctors and take whatever medicine they give us, since we know that they have our best interests in mind. […]

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Misdiagnosis and searching online

February 6, 2013

Following a recent post on one of our blawgs about ‘misdiagnosis mayhem’ which cited issues with searching Google and other search engines for symptoms and medical treatment solutions, a new video has been published outlining some recent statistics about people searching for a diagnosis for their illness or condition. Please see the video below for […]

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Recall for Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

January 25, 2013

There is an increasing risk for patients who have been fitted with a metal-on-metal hip implant, with recent orthopedic studies finding that 1 to 3 percent of patients need additional surgery to help with the pain and severe disability they feel after their metal-on-metal hip is implanted. It has gotten so bad that the Mayo […]

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Most Common Wrongful Death Accidents

December 31, 2012

According to prominent legal reference source, wrongful death suits are filed by the entitled legal survivors of an individual who has died due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another. The suit aims to compensate the victim’s surviving family and/or spouse for the death, and usually includes some type of compensation associated with the […]

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Bedsores and What Kind of Care They Indicate Is Being Provided

December 12, 2012

(United States Laws) When a person is unable to fully care for themselves, they need the support of other people, in some cases medical caregivers, to provide the care that is essential to their continued well-being. Unfortunately, in addition to the physical injuries, disabilities, and illnesses that a person usually seeks this sort of care […]

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Nursing Home Abuse: Things You Should Know

December 5, 2012

A nursing home is traditionally defined as a private institution that provides health care and residential accommodations for those who suffer from chronic health conditions. While individuals of any age may seek care in a nursing home, the elderly are most likely to reside in these facilities. Most nursing homes in the United States are […]

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