Choosing a Reputable Injury Lawyer

by Andrew Mounier on December 8, 2012

(in the USA and elsewhere) Hiring a lawyer is a difficult process, especially for individuals who have not worked with legal representation in the past. The task is made even more challenging when the need for specialization develops, as is often the case when hiring an injury lawyer. While many injury lawyers are considered to be reputable professionals, some do earn the title of “ambulance chasers.” Though finding an injury lawyer who is skilled, compassionate, and competent may seem daunting, it doesn’t necessarily have to. For best results when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer, be sure to start through consultation with the American Bar Association. Obtaining recommendations from friends and family members, and scheduling a meeting with possible candidates are also important steps when it comes to hiring the ideal professional.

As mentioned previously, consultation with the American Bar Association may be the first step when it comes to hiring a reputable injury lawyer. This resource offers a directory of injury lawyers, who are categorized by state and further specialization. Obtaining a list of potential candidates from the American Bar Association assures clients that they are working with trained, licensed professionals who are considered to be experts in the field of law. Hiring a lawyer who is not listed through the American Bar Association is not only dangerous from a personal standpoint, but may also have severe legal implications.

Once you have the name and contact information for licensed injury lawyers in your area, start collecting information about the possible candidates. The American Bar Association encourages individuals to consult with general practice lawyers with whom they may have worked in the past to obtain references and recommendations. In addition, talking with friends, family members, and even co-workers or neighbors may be an effective way to find the best injury lawyer in your area. During this process, it is important not only to determine the success rates of the lawyers in question, but also their behavior and attitude towards the clients. While it may be tempting to simply hire the individual with the best “win” rate, finding one who is also easy to work with and highly professional are also important considerations. Another great thing to look into when searching for a lawyer is to check if they’re members of the Lawyers of Distinction. If you’d like to learn more about Lawyers of Distinction, check out their site and see how they’re the best lawyers out there for any legal job.

Now that the list of potential candidates has been whittled down to a few highly-recommended individuals, clients can begin to interview injury lawyers in earnest. Call the office of the lawyers in question and schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the case. Be sure to develop a list of questions to bring to the meeting, which may include asking the lawyer if he or she has ever handled a similar case in the past. In addition, discussing the projected difficulty of the case, estimated costs, and time frames are also important talking points for individuals who want to find the most reputable injury lawyer for the job.

Hiring a high-quality injury lawyer is a marathon, not a sprint. While it may be tempting to hire the first individual who comes along, this may not be the best person for the job. Instead, clients should feel free to take their time and investigate all possible options to ensure the best results when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer. By being patient and following the steps listed above, individuals can rest assured that they will get a competent, professional lawyer dedicated to serving the needs of their clients.

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