Car Accident Claims Lawyers Campaign for Safer Roads

by My Compensation on August 24, 2012

It has recently been reported that some 2,000 people were killed in car accidents on UK roads in 2011. Top car accident claim lawyers all over the country are backing up the the public’s calls for improvements in British road safety to reduce the number car accident deaths and subsequent car accident claim cases. Historically speaking, issues which highlight higher rates of fatality or personal injury are effective in capturing the attention of Parliament and authority figures in a position to do something about them.

It’s thought that the calling of attention to the increased deaths by car accident claims lawyers will help to initiate some kind of action from the appropriate figures. The 2,000 deaths of 2011 represents a 3% increase in the number of deaths on UK roads from the previous year’s figures. Car accident claims cases and the handling thereof is an everyday duty for personal injury lawyers all over the UK and many are continually campaigning to implement safer roads and improve safety procedures for drivers in the UK. A recent figurehead to join their ranks is gold medal cyclist Bradley Wiggins who has stated that it should be a legal requirement for cyclists to wear helmets in order to prevent death.
an image showing another road safety campaign which was won, reducing accidents and car accident claimsIt’s been reported that someone 107 cyclists were killed in accidents between 2010 and 2011. A car accident claim solicitor, John Spencer, is joining Bradley Wiggins in his call for change. He writes frequently on car accidents claims and whiplash injuries on the Internet. It is estimated that some 500,000 people are involved in injuries, many of which launch car accident claims following the event.

The recent call for these changes has coincided with the government making proposals such as an 80 mph national speed limit, but this has now come to an abrupt halt. The government has also come under fire for not enforcing road safety laws as good as they should do. It’s one thing to have a law in place but enforcing and policing it properly is another matter altogether. In another step towards reducing the number of deaths in car accident claims in the UK, the government has been cajoled into implementing the 20 miles per hour speed limit in city centres. It’s thought that this move in conjunction with the imposed cycle helmets law, road deaths could be reduced significantly for drivers and cyclists alike.

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