Baby Safety and Faulty Equipment: What does the Law Say?

by Ladyblogger on September 11, 2013

Parents must always be on guard when it comes to purchasing and using baby furniture and accessories. Even though there are many guidelines and laws in place to ensure that these products do not harm your baby when used, injures are still occurring. In fact, a recent study released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that there has been an increase in infant injures related to faulty products in the last five years.

For instance, a recent recall of the Baby Einstein Jumper recently took place. This toy, designed for stationary use and as a way to keep your young baby entertained, was pulled from the market after being associated with over 100 injuries. These injuries included skull fractures, broken bones and chipped teeth. It has been determined that the injuries are a result of a design flaw.

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a federal government agency that regulates product safety for all consumers. However, the CPSC has very strict guidelines for products intended for use by babies and small children. The CPSC regulates everything from choking hazards to the type of paint and chemical compounds that can be used on or near toys when they are manufactured.

Companies that comply with all of these regulations can carry a CPSC seal on their packaging. All toys manufactured in the United States must meet these guidelines.

It should be noted that toys and other baby products manufactured outside of the U.S. are not subjected to these same regulations unless they want to carry the CPSC seal. This also applies to American companies that manufacture products outside of the U.S. and bring them back here to sell.

Selecting Safe Toys, Furniture and Other Baby Items

Parents must take time and research products that they intend to buy for their children. The CPSCC website has a current list of products that have been recalled so that consumers can make wiser purchasing decisions.

Additionally, if you are out shopping and decide to buy an item, make sure that you look for the safety seal on the packaging. This will tell you what products meet government safety standards.

Stay with name brands instead of cheaper imports. For instance, the Bright Starts Ingenuity product line is one of the highest rated baby accessory companies out there. Their play yards and other interactive toys exceed safety standards and have been praised by many parents. Other, similar products, which do not carry these safety standards, can be harmful to your baby.

When Your Baby Has Been Injured

If your baby has been injured by any type of baby equipment or accessory that is obviously a design flaw or manufacturing issue, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney. Your baby may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, and an attorney can help determine if you have a product liability case against the makers of the product that injured your baby. Your actions will also help ensure that these dangerous products are removed from the market, keeping them from further injuring other children.

As a mother to 4, Lisa Coleman understands the importance of being sure the baby equipment we choose to buy and use for our little ones is made with quality, up to code and safe to prevent possible injuries. She has used Bright Starts’ Ingenuity product line herself, and can assert to the quality and safe environment it provides an infant, from their washable play yards to their baby play mats and gyms.

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