Why it is Important to Vaccinate Against Meningitis

October 30, 2012

Meningitis is a deadly disease that kills around eleven percent of those that contracts it.  Certain groups, mainly college students staying in dorm rooms, are at higher risk to contract meningitis than other groups, partially because of the close living conditions.  Thus, to prevent needless deaths and discomfort, it is very important to get meningitis […]

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GPS Truck Collisions

October 29, 2012

Trucking accidents involving commercial trucks and a bridge or overpass have been increasing in number within the last few years with many commercial truck drivers and commercial trucking companies blaming the increase on faulty commercial GPS systems.   Many of these accidents result in serious personal injuries or death.  In the New York City area alone over the […]

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Jury Awards $4.16 Million to Injured Repairman

October 27, 2012

In November 2009, Joshua Jaeger suffered severe injuries when he fell from a raised platform while assessing a broken garage door spring at a public works garage in Elmhurst, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He suffered serious injuries during the fall and, as a result, has been unable to continue his work as a service […]

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Proper Training is Needed for Safe Conceal Carry Laws

October 22, 2012

The Constitution is the supreme law of the United States, and despite an evolving culture and advancing society, the document is still given deference. While there is some dispute as to how the Constitution should be interpreted, both judicial activists as well as strict originalists agree that nothing in the Constitution is to be ignored […]

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Slip and Fall Injuries

October 18, 2012

The phrase “slip and fall” refers to accidents that occur due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time. They can occur at shopping malls, restaurants, schools, theaters and homes. Sometimes, slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, traumatic […]

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Carnival Cruise Lines Sued over Shipwreck in Italy

October 7, 2012

Passengers of the Costa Concordia and businesses affected when the Carnival cruise ship ran aground have sued the Miami-based Carnival Corporation, seeking millions of dollars in damages. Plaintiffs Believe Carnival is Responsible Investigators believe that the Costa Concordia struck a reef while passing Giglio Island, an island off of Italy’s Tuscan coast. The island is […]

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Police in Portland, Oregon Use Unreasonable Force on Mentally Ill

October 4, 2012

The United States Justice Department conducted an investigation into the unnecessary use of force of Portland, Oregon police on people with mental illness. On Thursday, September 14, the department announced that investigators found Portland police officers used excessive force without justification against people with mental illness. Deadly Force Used Disproportionately on Mentally Ill The investigation […]

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Massachusetts Lab Scandal Highlights the Importance of Careful Regulation in Laboratories

October 1, 2012

What is Laboratory Law? Laboratory law has developed significantly in the past 50 years. According to Malcolm H. Merrill and W. Max Chapman’s “Laboratory Technicians: The Clinical Laboratory Law and Its Meaning to Private Physicians”, clinical laboratory law was originally introduced in 1938, and laboratories were at first monitored on only a voluntary basis. While […]

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Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit after Teenage Son Swept to Sea

September 29, 2012

Michael and Marianne Madoff have  filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their 15-year-old son was swept into the Pacific Ocean while on a guided hiking and kayaking tour in Hawaii on July 4. They allege that the tour guides were negligent for leading the group to a dangerous area. They also accuse the tour company […]

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Environmental Groups Concerned about Water Contamination File Lawsuit

September 26, 2012

On Tuesday, August 14, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Working Group filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Public Health. The suit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court, asks the agency to obey its requirement to limit the level of hexavalent chromium, a chemical carcinogen, in California’s drinking water. In 2001, […]

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