Why Technology Works in the Courtroom

September 11, 2013

Courtrooms are now more technology-driven than ever before. While crimes and cases remain the same, courtrooms are now equipped with computer screens, audio, visual, and digital tools. According to ChicagoLawyerMagazine, 90% of jurors are better equipped to understand evidence when presentation software is used. Consider the following reasons why technology is a critical part of […]

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Why Is It Important To Have Full Tort, Not Limited Tort, On My Pennsylvania Car Insurance?

August 24, 2013

In 1990, the Pennsylvania legislature created the Limited Tort vs. Full Tort election for the purpose of decreasing car insurance costs.  Before such an election was created, anyone injured in a Pennsylvania car accident retained the right to seek full compensation for any injuries and damages from the driver responsible for causing the accident.  With […]

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Safe Driving in Pennsylvania

May 1, 2013

According to AAA Foundation, in the US, every 13 minutes someone dies on the road. Whether you are the driver or a pedestrian, it’s important to keep everyone’s safety top of mind. Although driving feels like second nature after you’ve had your license for years, it’s important to remember the basics in order to protect […]

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