Karla Somers

Extended Pain: How to Increase the Dollar Amount of My Claim

September 21, 2013

Settling a personal injury claim for a large dollar amount can be dependent on several factors such as the type of injury that you’ve sustained, and the treatment that is required for your specific injury. However, an insurance company will also look at your medical records and any pertinent documentation before deciding the dollar amount […]

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How the Jones Act Protects Maritime Employees

November 10, 2012

The Jones Act (46 U.S.C. § 30104) is a United States federal law that was passed in 1920 to govern lawsuits related to personal injury and wrongful death claims against maritime employers. The legislation grants crew members and officers of a maritime vessel the right to sue an employer for negligence resulting in wrongful death […]

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Are You at Risk of Injury from a Hail Storm?

October 7, 2012

Violent weather can happen almost anywhere, and perhaps there’s no weather element that’s more dangerous than hail. Hail stones come in sizes that range from as small as a pea to as large as a baseball, and even a short hail storm can lead to physical injuries, property damage and more. Physical Injuries from Hail […]

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Birth Injury Basics: What You Need to Know

September 3, 2012

Medical malpractice can occur when a medical professional fails to perform his or her duty in the normal standard of care, or is negligent in providing proper care for a patient. Birth injuries that occur because of negligent medical care may result in injury to the baby. If you suspect you or your baby may […]

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California Takes on DUI Drivers!

August 28, 2012

(Californian DUI laws with some aspects of personal injury discussed) Being charged with driving under the influence, or DUI, in California is bad enough, but when your DUI charge involves injuries to another person, the situation can become even more serious. While being charged with any type of DUI can come with fines, fees, jail […]

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