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What next for personal injury ?

April 1, 2013

D-day has arrived for PI claims and many PI lawyers would say that means disaster day. It’s certainly clear that the good times are over for the many personal injury specialist law firms but does this mean there’s no future in being a personal injury lawyer ? The answer, we suspect is, it depends. Certainly […]

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Superb use of infographics

September 22, 2012

Infographics are all the rage and we think they are fantastic also. They are particularly good for law, which can be a complex subject and involves a lot of factual information. With personal injury and accidents, statistics suggest that, when looking for compensation claim advice, those looking want to know about the data such as […]

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Introduction to medical negligence

September 9, 2012

When we have medical procedures performed on us by medical professionals we expect that the highest of standard are adhered to. If these are not and we suffer as a result then those medical professionals at fault can be sued in order to compensate for any loss or injury. The types of situations which can […]

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Claims for professional negligence

September 6, 2012

Do I have a claim against a professional for negligence ? If you believe you have received a sub-standard level of advice/work from a professional and have suffered a loss as a result, you have a possible claim in negligence. The professional will need to have failed to reach the standards associated with a reasonably […]

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Personal injury – the basics

August 30, 2012

No Win No Fee claims generally refer to personal injury claims and were brought in to replace legal aid for personal injury cases in the mid 90s. A no win no fee claim cuts out the middleman by enabling the client with the claim and their chosen solicitor to come to a mutual agreement regarding […]

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The anonymous world of personal injury

June 26, 2012

We are known for repeatedly stating our view that in many respects personal injury practices are light years ahead of most other categories of lawyers and law firms. We say this because most personal injury practices realised years ago the fundamental shift between a professional practice and a business service. These practices are run more […]

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More free guest PI blogs

May 31, 2012

The great thing about Gavin and his way of business is that he really gets that giving tends to result in people giving back – he is happy to promote others and other resources in the knowledge, but not the requirement, that they will naturally want to help him. His resources, like this site, become […]

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Possible trends in personal injury 2012

May 4, 2012

As many will know, big changes are coming in the lucrative personal injury market. Personal injury has certainly been the most lucrative legal niche outside of the big corporate law firms, and many smaller firms have entered into the market seeking to exploit the relatively low risk and high reward whiplash claim market, which many […]

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Big google changes – impact on personal injury

April 26, 2012

Unlike many other law firms, personal injury practices get the internet. They understand their market well and know that, as with almost all other business sectors, upwards of 20% and rising of instructions now derive from online searches. There are 2 ways to succeed in getting on page 1 of google for the hundreds of […]

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Can local personal injury firms compete with nationwide practices

April 26, 2012

Personal injury is a dog eat dog part of legal practice perhaps like no other except conveyancing. It is also perhaps the most lucrative area of law outside of the top corporate practices, so is it any wonder that buying power and marketing budgets have been a key driver ? Not only do smaller personal […]

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