Why Are Class-Action Lawsuits About Drugs So Common?

November 20, 2012

If you have watched more than two hours of nighttime television in the past three years you have undoubtedly seen the advertisements sponsored by some a law firm urging viewers to file a claim for  “compensation” under the terms of settlement in some class action lawsuit if they have used some prescription drug or other […]

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Florida Teen Found Guilty of Impersonating a Physician Assistant

October 1, 2012

On Thursday, August 30, a Florida jury found Matthew Scheidt, 18, guilty of practicing medicine without a license and impersonating a physician assistant. Hospital-Issued Badge Identified Scheidt as Physician Assistant In August 2011, Scheidt posed as a medical professional at the Osceola Regional Medical Center for more than a week. According to Scheidt, he was […]

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Common Mistakes That Occur in Mediation

August 28, 2012

Most civil lawsuits in the United States are settled at mediation or similar types of settlement conferences. Robert Burns, professor of law at Northwestern University, reports that only 2 percent of all federal civil lawsuits went to trial in 2002, a significant decrease from the 1960s (12 percent) and the 1920s (20 percent). With mediation […]

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