Accidents in Shops and Supermarkets: The Complete Claims Guide

by CTG on March 15, 2013

We’re used to seeing accidents happen in the work place or on the road. Traffic build-up and a police road clearing process is hardly a rare sight on the streets and motorways of Britain, and as such many of us are used to or at least familiar with the process involved in making a claim, when we’re the victim of an accident. The same goes for the work place, adverts on the TV have been guiding us for years about what to do should we trip and fall or have an accident due to negligence at work. What happens though when we’re outside of these comparatively familiar environments? What happens if we’re involved in an accident in a shop or at the supermarket?

Of course, the physical trauma that usually takes place during in any type of accident is enough to leave us bewildered and confused; especially when we’re in an environment we entirely expect to be a safe and controlled one. This guide though will help you to acquaint yourself with the circumstances so you know exactly what to do!

Naturally, it is a legal requirement that the responsibility must fall with the shop when it comes to creating a safe space for its customers to browse and move about in. With health and safety laws as well as general compliance checks all in place, there’s no reason an accident should occur, unless there is evidence of disregard and carelessness on their part.

Let’s take a look at what type of accident we may encounter in a supermarket then. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Slipping or tripping; this could be anywhere, from the isles to the car park. Wet surfaces often litter the floors of supermarkets and if they’re not clearly signposted, they can present a significant hazard.
  • Disorganized boxes or pallets; when it comes to restocking shelves and moving product about, a box jutting out from its intended position or a pump truck and pallet left in the middle of a thoroughfare is also a potential danger.
  • Falling objects; supermarkets especially tend to store items above head-height. These must all be securely and safely fastened in place!
  • Sharp edges; promotional display stands are often places right in the centre of an isle so as to catch people’s attention. This heightens to the risk of someone catching themselves so all corners and edges should be rounded and safe!

If you’re involved in circumstances such as these, or find yourself in any similar situations, here’s what to do!

  • Remain calm; keep a level head and try not to panic, it’s always stressful being injured, but act swiftly and you’ll have nothing to worry about as you recover.
  • Report the accident; a duty or line manager should be made aware of the incident and it’s likely that they will be required to fill out an accident report form as per company policy.
  • Witnesses; these can be invaluable, especially if the accident is questionable. Talk to people who saw it and get their account of the event and their details.
  • Photographs; if it’s possible and necessary, photograph everything, from injuries sustained, to the items you tripped over or the sharpened shelf edge that cut you.
  • Hospital; getting yourself properly checked out afterwards and receiving a doctor’s report and visit record will ensure you’re treated and can make a start on the road to recovery!

Lastly, find a good personal injury solicitor. Someone who you’re going to feel comfortable talking to and who’ll guide you through the process with your best interests and recovery at heart should a claim be required!

This article was written by The Claim Group; personal injury experts dedicated to bringing you the best advice on the internet. Whether you’ve been in a road accident, have slipped and fell in the work place, or if your accident lies within the ‘occupiers liability’ category, such as a supermarket, get in touch today! 


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