5 Most Common Causes of Injury at Work

by robhawkins7575 on March 21, 2013

Workplace injuries are very common and disruptive to the lives of employees and businesses. Certain types of injuries as a result of negligence are more common than others and should be addressed by employers to avoid unnecessary liabilities. Listed below are the five most common types of injuries in the workplace, according to insurance companies.

A common type of injury in the workplace is an injury caused by objects falling on or striking a person. A coworker may accidentally drop an object that hits another employee on the head or foot, or may strike a coworker while using force with an object. This injury commonly occurs when an employee is not paying attention to the presence of other employees, or when protective gear in dangerous environments is not worn.

Another common type of workplace injury is a reaction injury. This type of injury results from moving rapidly to dodge a moving object or as a result of being startled. Similarly, this type of injury can result from employees not paying attention to their environment and the presence others.

Falling from heights is another common type of workplace injury. This type of injury may occur when climbing on objects or a ladder to reach an elevated object. This type of injury can be avoided by using proper equipment and techniques to reach elevated objects, as well as by using protective gear in case of a fall.

Slipping or tripping is another common type of workplace injury. This can result when leaks or spills are not promptly removed, or when objects such as cables get in the way of foot traffic. Employers must train employees to report leaks or spills, and must create conditions that allow workers to move about with ease.

The most common type of injury in the workplace is injury from overexertion. This may occur when an employee improperly lifts a heavy object such as a box by using his or her back, or by pulling a muscle when lifting an object that is too heavy. Employees should only lift objects they are capable of lifting, and must be taught the proper techniques to lift objects to avoid injury.

Properly training employees on workplace safety can prevent employers from experiencing loss of productivity and liability from workplace injuries. Employers must ensure that the workplace is safe and that regulations are being followed. There must also be open communication between employees and employers so that employees can voice any concerns they might have regarding unsafe conditions in the workplace. In case of an injury at the workplace resulting from negligence, employment solicitors may be able to assist one in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of initiating a claim to recover the costs resulting from such negligence.

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